CANS test

This test can be used by staff and students to see if their workstation is properly set up and if they are at risk of RSI/CANS.

The term CANS refers to Complaints of the Arms, Neck and Shoulders. The term RSI (repetitive strain injury) is often used instead of CANS.

If you have any concerns about your workstation or have existing problems, get in touch with your university's occupational health officer.

Getting started

The following questions assume an upright position in the chair:

  Adjust the backrest so the shape of the backrest fits your back and your lower back is properly supported. You will then have a few centimetres to spare between your lower legs and the edge of the seat.

You can indicate your answers by clicking on the image that best matches your situation. You’ll then receive brief feedback.

You can follow the link for more background information; this won’t interrupt the test.

If you want to return to a question, click on the question number at the bottom of the screen.

The test takes 5-10 minutes. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows how far along in the test you are.

Start the test